Skills and Services

My primary services revolve around content, and that’s what I’m good at. I love writing — from content writing to short stories — and I love crafting ways to convey and explain, and to excite and entice. I go about my writing process in a very simple and extremely effective manner:


Research is vital to any kind of content writing. What have people said before? How can I take a basic concept and revitalize it in a way that interests people? What angle does the target market respond to best? Good content is all about quality writing, but great content is all about writing for the right audience.


People like articles that can be either a.) read in bits, or b.) progressed through in a systematic manner. Taking a key concept and compartmentalizing it into several distinct sections gives my articles substance, structure, and makes them much easier to read than any budget word salad put down by an inferior writer.


This is the part where my inner voice gets to work — at this point, it’s simple. I’ve taken in the research, figured out the best way to explain what I want to explain, and then I go ahead and do the actual work. I let my fingers fly over the keyboard for a little while and presto! Your article is nearly finished.


No good article becomes great without an editor — or just a general edit. Sometimes, articles sound good as you’re going through them — but then you notice little awkward, subtle things while reading it. A quick once-over is often enough to take a rough draft and create a lovely copy, but what I love most is to work with clients to figure out what style they want, allowing me to learn to adapt to their wishes.


Shh. It’s an industry secret. This is probably the part where I begin an ancient ritual, beckoning some Lovecraftian creature to grant my article the power to possess and entice anyone who reads it. Or not. Who knows.


For the both of us! Writing isn’t a very selfish profession — I love my craft, but unless you love it too, my words are worthless. I’m good at what I do — but I’m not psychic! With a little direction from the client, my articles will help spread the word on the quality of their service and online presence — and help me pay my bills.

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