Jamal Pollok

Nice to meet you.
Here's a quick overview of me.
Lapu-Lapu City, Mactan Island, Cebu, Philippines
Born at some point in some place in Germany, my story is rather irrelevant up until about seven years ago. Certain circumstances meant getting a degree was out of the question for me, and life had decided that it was time for me to start helping the family put food on the table.   I spent three years working in the family business (online marketing and reputation management), before becoming a freelance writer in 2012. Since then, I have steadily been producing web content for various businesses and industries in the form of articles, blog posts, press releases and even tweets.   Today, my key areas of expertise include physical health, mental illness, addiction, and self-improvement. I am personally dedicated to weightlifting and martial arts and enjoy cycling. I write daily, am responsible for a respectable amount of my town’s coffee consumption, and read as much as I can about anything and everything.
I'm particularly fond of the song that goes: la, li li la, dum da dum, hmm hm hmmm.
I (casually) play the violin (i.e. I’m quite terrible at it), and I use music as a key part of my writing ritual. I am fond of lo-fi hip-hop, power metal, symphonic metal, synthwave, classical jazz, Japanese funk and drum & bass.
I speak English and German fluently and am studying Japanese. I am fascinated by etymology and discovering new histories and old meanings behind a modern word can fill me with a strange sense of discovery and joy.
Wer fremde Sprachen nicht kennt, weiß nichts von seiner eigenen.
The more we learn about the human body, the more confused the general public becomes about what is healthy and what is not. Some of the fundamental basics surrounding health (nutrition and exercise, for example) are deeply mired in controversy and contradiction. I am interested in pursuing the truth behind physical health, and in emphasizing the importance of keeping the body healthy.
Physical Health
The key to longevity is picking things up and putting them back down.
I have a personal connection to mental health issues and psychology and a deep personal interest in behavioral psychology. I frequently argue that the better we understand our own minds and the relationship between our brain’s development and the development of the basic human psyche, the better we can develop a society that helps us advance as a species. The key to a positive future lies in understanding the fundamentals of what makes us all tick.
Philosophy lies at the foundation of civil society.
Philosophy should be a default interest in anyone’s mind — if we lack the time to question everything, then we risk never truly knowing anything. I am particularly interested in the philosophies of good and evil, egalitarianism, utilitarianism, and the applications of philosophy in modern society as a basis for our policies and development.
My Skills
Creative Writing
Creative writing is much harder than content writing, as it involves a very different methodology. Creative writing by its very definition allows a writer to explore the limits of both the medium itself and their own capability as a wordsmith. I don’t think anyone could ever score themselves or someone else with a perfect 5 in this skill, as it is one that can infinitely develop. I have always had a deep love and talent for story-telling, but I lack an actual story. From time to time, I take requests for short stories, and I can help you rewrite your novella or story to polish prose and refine the writing.
My primary skill is content writing. I have written daily for several years now, within a professional capacity as a freelance writer. I began writing adverts for multi-level marketing schemes at the age of 13, and that quickly developed into taking on freelance work as a press release writer and anonymous social media manager. I began writing blog content around 2012 and snagged my first major client in 2015. Since then, I have endeavored to consistently improve my writing (and more importantly, my time management). I dedicate roughly five hours a day to writing blog content and articles and performing research on topics related to all of my clients’ industries.
I’m honestly quite terrible at yodeling.
Content Writing