People have had nice things to say about my writing. Here are some of these things.



“Jam is the best! This is my second press release from him and it’s just great! Probably my favorite writer on Fiverr right now.”


“He totally took the information provided and said exactly what I wanted to say! I highly recommend this gig! 5 stars from me! U Rock Jam. Thanks!”


“From 3 disappointing article gig sellers, I’ve scoured Fiverr to find the 4th seller to do exactly what I have in mind to help me tell the story in my article, and finally I found this awesome seller who can do the job professionally as I instructed. Thank God my search is over.”


“Wow, I’m really impressed! I am very strict when it comes to writing (a borderline grammar nazi, if you will), and jmepik’s writing style is not only clean, engaging, and entertaining, but grammatically correct, to boot!”



Jamal is a very talented marketing writer that we have been utilizing in our own campaigns as well as have been confident to refer to our valuable clientele. He is professional, highly reliable and detail-oriented. You can count on him to deliver a high-quality product on time, every time!

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