Putting the right food in your body is important, but if you can’t use that food to sculpt your own health, you’re missing out on all the fun life has to offer. While I like training mostly just for the purpose of being fit — because let’s face it, being fit feels amazing — I want to push the limits of my body and get me to higher, greater reaches. Mastering the body and the mind seem like life’s ultimate challenges, and I’m ready to train to not just feel good in my own skin, but become a better fighter, and perhaps, athlete.

My training is a bit of a learning process. It’s an all-purpose program, with an eclectic list of focuses: since I need to build strength, endurance, speed and flexibility rather equally, I also have to give equal focus to each of these points. That’s why it’s not easy to define a training program — but I do always have one to go by. Here’s what it’s currently at if you’re interested.

My training program.

Note: Just because this seems to be working for me, it doesn’t have to work for you. There are no cookie-cutter programs that really work in fitness — at least not entirely. You can start off with pretty much anything reasonable as a beginner, but if you’re looking for something specific, speak to a professional or get to work tweaking and fine-tuning your own program.