Born and raised in…

I’m German by blood, but I don’t have a concrete cultural association. My early years were spent in the cold, wintry neighborhoods of Western Europe, with all the joys of a white Christmas, an authentic fireplace, holiday dinners with a large family, and a grade school close enough to walk to and from every single day. My mother took me and a backpack through North Africa and all over Southern Europe, with trips through and past the Mediterranean. I learned to love the sun and heat from a very young age, and among luscious backdrops, my creativity blossomed.

When I was young, however, my parents found greater and better opportunities in the exotic locales of Asia — and off I was whisked into a foreign culture, with foreign ideas, foreign people, and a foreign background. I blended in, adapted — but never in a complete way. I loved being the outsider — not the strange, antisocial outsider, but the exciting kind, mingling with everybody but belonging to no single group. My interests at the tender age of 10 included Greek philosophy, Egyptian mythology, and — of course — dragons. I mean, who doesn’t love dragons?

While my parents battled with finding the right school for me, I was made to learn in other ways — specifically, by writing upwards of four pages every day on any given topic. I molded my own skill over thousands of hours of scribbling on paper about bicycles, remote countries and cultures, short stories and the history of beer.

When financial troubles hit in high school, I took a leave from the usual curriculum and delved into the world of online marketing — learning the basics of content writing, SEO, social networking, and what it means to mold opinion and sell ideas. After a year of working for my parents and as a freelance writer, I began to embrace the idea that content writing was my calling — and today, I’m sure of it. But, I’m not just what I write — here’re a couple examples of what I love aside from my work: