Let’s Take A Look At: Neon Genesis Evangelion

(Originally posted on my Quora blog.) I’m a relative newcomer to the medium of anime. As someone appreciative of a number of arts, however, I found that I had been wholly missing out. At the same time, I’m at a point in my life where the many themes and symbolisms of anime become easier to spot and appreciate, and that itself perhaps excuses my lateness. […]

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Let’s Take A Look At: Kill la Kill

(Originally posted on my Quora blog.) So this took a while. WARNING: Once again, spoiler warning here. This is about Kill la Kill, so if you haven’t watched it and plan to, don’t read this. If you don’t plan to, however, well, go ahead. So it turns out that Kill la Kill, that 2013 seinen anime featuring schoolgirls fighting each other in skimpy outfits in an overblown […]

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(Originally posted on my Quora blog.)  (WARNING! Graphic content. Parts of this piece aren’t safe for work. If Quora has certain rules against animated nudity that I’m unaware of, then I’ll edit this article accordingly to censor such nudity. All rights to the animated piece in question go to the respective creators – in this case, I think Khara owns the copyright – and analyzing […]

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Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood and Modern Alchemy

(Originally posted on my Quora blog.) “The great flow that maintains the universe; call it the cycle of life, the course of nature – each one of us is just a small part of that part. One in the all. Yet without all the individual ones, the all can’t exist. This world flows by following grander laws that we can’t even imagine. To recognize that […]

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Code Geass and the dissolution of nuclear weapons.

(Originally posted on my Quora blog.) (Spoiler Warning: This post will have spoilers, thus it assumes you’ve watched the entirety of Code Geass. It isn’t a post directly about the anime, though – nonetheless, it will discuss the anime’s ending.) I liked Code Geass. I’m a bit of a political anarchist, so the idea of taking over the world’s ultimate superpower and toppling it all […]

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