The Case for Varying Reps

So, today marks the day that I get started with my new training program and everything. To mark that occasion, I’d like to talk about a key concept I’ll be using to try and build strength, not get bored, and continue keeping my endurance up! But before we begin with that, it’s important to talk about what my goals are, and the inspiration for this […]

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How To Survive When You’re Vegan And A Horrible Cook

(Originally published here on Let’s face it — some of us are born and grow up without the invaluable piece of knowledge that is cooking. And even when we’re taught to sear a steak and boil and egg, that doesn’t really apply to vegan cooking. Next thing you know, we’re on our bum, fresh-faced and hungry, but unable to boil a pot of spaghetti without […]

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