Hydration: Why You Should Stay Hydrated, and How To Do It

Water is a pretty important part of life. You need water in order to survive, and that goes for every known example of life on the planet. The reason isn’t simply explained, and we’re still not 100 percent sure why water is so necessary, but the general rule seems to be this: water is a solvent, and a carrier, of all the basic components of […]

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Macros and Calories: So, How Much Protein Do You Need?

So, most of us have had a basic biology class on how body composition and nutrition works. Basically, we need to eat a certain amount of food on a daily basis in order for our body to have enough fuel to get us through the day. Cells typically convert carbohydrates into energy — and if you’ve run out of carbohydrates and need to burn more, […]

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How To Survive When You’re Vegan And A Horrible Cook

(Originally published here on FullGob.com) Let’s face it — some of us are born and grow up without the invaluable piece of knowledge that is cooking. And even when we’re taught to sear a steak and boil and egg, that doesn’t really apply to vegan cooking. Next thing you know, we’re on our bum, fresh-faced and hungry, but unable to boil a pot of spaghetti without […]

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