October Update: No Gym

October is here, and if you’re reading this, you’ll notice a lack of updates for the last two weeks of September. This wasn’t necessarily planned – it was more of an “uncontrollable circumstances” sort of thing. So, as I’m easing into the blog and getting used to my current workload, I’ve got some changes to make to begin the month and make the most of October — including the biggest, no gym. Let’s go through these changes.

No More Daily Updates

Daily updates make very little sense to me. As a writer, I prefer quality over quantity, and there’s no point in writing entries devoid of interesting content — so to keep this blog from bloating with useless details, I’ll update once a week or whenever it feels apt to do so with regards to my training. So, to reiterate: no to blog spam.

No Gym

We’ve been keeping ourselves strong and healthy long before barbells and dumbbells were a thing – and while I don’t have a literal jungle to swing around in or a savannah of gazelles to hunt, I do have access to the floor and the bar, and with those you have countless bodyweight options.

So, no more weight lifting, and back to prison cell-style workouts. I’m talking straight up Iroh training.

iroh-pushups.gif (628×350)

The reason I’ve been going to the gym is because when it comes to strength training, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a better way to get your strength up than by simply doing these compound lifts:

  1. Bench Press
  2. Squat
  3. Deadlift
  4. Barbell Row

With no gym, these movements are made impossible. However, it’s still more than possible to sculpt a powerful (and coordinated) body with different exercises. I talk about how this works, and what you have to consider, in an upcoming blog post.

Whole New Training Program

To take on this no-gym challenge, I dug out some old training habits and I’m headed straight back into the world of calisthenics and bodyweight training, although with a twist: I’m skipping the basics and sticking to the much harder progressions. This means keeping both my sets and reps rather low, and my rests high — I’m still doing strength training, but with a different list of resistances.

Here’s my training program for anyone interested — I will be writing detailed tutorials on each of the movements I perform, so you can follow along or just to give you an idea of what alternatives to explore when you can’t have access to a gym.

Aside from that, I’ll continue heading off into jiu-jitsu class on a regular basis as I adjust to my new protocol. Until next time!

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