September 14th Update: Arm Recovery, and Stomach Problems

So long story short (the long story won’t be featured), I got my arm cranked a little too much yesterday and it’s still feeling very iffy. That aside, a lack of sleep and some strange stomach incidences have put a halt to my week. Which means I need more recovery.

There’s the bad news. The good news is that these things are minor and ephemeral — possibly after a good night’s sleep, I’ll wake up tomorrow fresh-faced and completely ready to go run in circles for a little while.

What to do when you get messed up.

I’m not an athlete, nor can I say that I frequently do sports — but I do spend about four hours a day training on good days, and that racks up quickly. If ever you end up getting an injury — something as simple to overstretching to something worse — the best thing to do isn’t to bite down and keep on training. It’s to rest.

As much as I hate sitting down and just getting on with my day without my regular run, HIIT session and weightlifting, it was needed today. Rest is necessary. If you skip rest when the muscle and joint pain is still in its early stages, then you simply risk injury — your tendons and joints get compromised, you get tired, you make mistakes and bad accidents can happen. So let’s all repeat this together:

Recovery is important.

I can’t imagine myself getting through more than two days of my training regimen without constant stretching and yoga. I do yoga because I don’t have access to other means of recovery — massages cost too much, hot baths are impossible, and the same goes for saunas. I’ve got the option of using ointments when the pain really sets in, but that’s a pretty rarely-used remedy.

So that’s the plan — get some rest. Tomorrow is another BJJ session — I got more into sweeping yesterday, with a long free-flow sparring session (which gave me a nice whole-body workout).

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