September 12th Update: Woot, back to training!

So it’s week 2 of training, and I started the week off with some running — it was a good run, but one thing I definitely noticed last week is that my runs get significantly worse if I do them on a daily basis. I’m not sure where the fault lies at the moment (I’ve had heel pain for months and wear old, run-down minimalist shoes, and that’s probably the biggest problem), but I can’t keep a solid pace five days in a week.

That, combined with a late night meant that I’m not going to be running on the 13th. I’ll have to see how I approach my training until I get some new shoes and test them. That being said, I don’t worry much about my cardio in that respect — I’ve got my pre-noon workout, after all.

Writing about HIIT vs. Running

Earlier on the 12th I uploaded an article about HIIT, or high-intensity intermittent/interval training versus hitting the pavement. As per the article, there’s evidence showing that not only does HIIT take a fraction of the time compared to running — it’s also more effective, giving you a slightly better boost in aerobic capacity and greatly increasing your anaerobic endurance. Still, running is a great way to start the day — even though I hate it, I can’t imagine doing anything else right after waking up. So I’ll keep it on the menu.

Getting Better at Yoga

I’ve been doing yoga for a while now, inconsistently at best, over the course of years. But it’s only recently that I’ve started taking at least about 10-20 minutes after each workout to really get into my hip flexors and hamstrings using some of the many stretches I’ve been doing every morning, and twists for the upper back. I have yet to come up with my own flow, but it’s a lot of fun to feel myself slowly get more flexible.

My by far worst problems is my leg and hip flexibility, especially in bending and opening. The frogger is my absolute worst pose. My knees and the side of my big toe dig painfully into the ground, and I’ve got this frozen, unrelenting stiffness even after exercise that just becomes such a pain to breathe through — which is why I need to focus on it even more than anything else.

I’ll probably try a new 30-minute hip-focused flow tomorrow, and get into the groove of really stretching out my hams and eventually getting into that elusive full split. I will not give up!


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