September 7th Update: A little slower today.

It’s been a long day — a tad too long! I was off to a bad start with some foot pain and a feeling that I really, really didn’t want to be up yet — not necessarily tired, but rather, sore. Still, this is the first week and I haven’t been drinking enough (more signs of that appeared today), so it’s obvious to me that I’m not doing too hot.

And then it started to rain.

Don’t get me wrong, rain is beautiful. But it’s less beautiful when you’re basically forced to workout indoors because your outdoor workout is dependent on the existence of a bar and lots of sunshine — in the rain, it’s a lot harder for me to get a good workout going, especially since I can’t really workout with a raincoat and working out shirtless in the rain is the last thing I need after feeling a little feverish.

By the time I finally had work done, I eeked out my final workout at a really late time — being forced to cut it short by nearly half. At least I got my deadlifts in. All in all, then, not an amazing day.

But there is redemption today. 

In the form of shadow boxing. Although I’ve only been doing it a couple days, my newfound ritual is feeling extremely satisfying. I warm up my legs, warm up my shoulders, and then I throw a few hundred punches for about ten minutes twice a day. It’s simple, easy, formulaic, useful. And it builds good habits. These aren’t complicated kicks or throwing techniques or submissions — it’s a jab, a cross, a hook. A jab, a cross, a hook. Slow it down, move the hips, watch the feet. Rinse, repeat. Speed up the pace. Relax. Keep your arms slacked, your hands loose. Arms up. Not too close. Not too far. Get the jab. Move. Cross. Move.

I love it — it’s extremely relaxing. Sadly, I don’t have much else to write about today — but that will change tomorrow. BJJ is coming up on Thursday, and I’m getting my first proper judogi. Pictures coming soon!

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