September 5th Update: No Case of the Monday Blues!

Let’s just preface this by saying that I absolutely love coffee. I’m not the first to say this, and we’ll probably still be drinking coffee a thousand years from now, generated in the same little paper cups through our very own matter fabricator — but coffee is fucking amazing, especially on a Monday.

My favorite thing is when I’m sitting at my computer on a hot morning — a few hours before noon but late enough in the morning to know that it’ll be an extremely sunny day — with a cup of coffee to the right of my mouse, and a nice, smooth jazz track playing on Spotify. Then I get my fingers to do their thing, and before I know it, it’s just about lunchtime and several thousand words have magically appeared on “paper”.

Why coffee mattered today.

I’m saying this because it’s probably relevant to today. Today is just slightly momentous in that it’s the beginning of my first week test-driving my new program. I started the day with running and yoga (which won’t change), noon-time I had a pullup-based HIIT circuit, some shadow boxing and kicking, planking, wall handstands, and in the afternoon some weightlifting. Tomorrow will be much the same, with a push-ups-based HIIT circuit and jiu-jitsu. Repeat until weekend.

Am I excited? Sure. But I’m also really happy because, aside from getting a nice round 8 hours of sleep last night, I also got to start today with a very strong cup of coffee. Oh, you might not know, but here’s how I like my coffee:

  • Black.
  • Strong.
  • A little stronger.

None of that creamer, milk, soy milk or sugar nonsense. I like my coffee plain and simple: hot water and freshly ground roasted beans in a French press. And because I got a nice cup of that today, I got to go through the entire day.

Until about 3pm.

I need more food.

I was hungry by three. This never happens. I got through my workout in its entirety with sunken eyes, and came home to eat a little over a pound of rice, noodles, potatoes, pumpkin and beans. It might’ve been closer to a kilo, but I didn’t really check. The problem?

Daily caloric requirement = Basal metabolic rate + Calories burned. 

The new program basically means that last variable has enjoyed a bit of an uptick — and I’m still figuring out how to compensate for it. More dinner isn’t an option — that’s not really the meal I should be eating more in. More lunch works best, as I enjoy a light breakfast.

Going forward.

The other thing I got to test today was work — and in-between training, violin, and my household duties, I’ve got enough time to get quite a lot of work done; so I’m not worried about that. What I need isn’t time — I need razor sharp focus. If I waste the precious little time I have, I will screw up my schedule and miss important deadlines. The key, then, is to work on my efficiency. As I said, coffee and jazz works wonders — but there are other ways to take it up a notch, like by using my smartphone to better manage myself. Speaking of which:

Tip of the Day.

Download Habitica. Aside from Google Keep, Habitica is one of the most important apps in my repertoire to help figure out what the hell I’m doing with my day. I’ve never been much of a guy for taking down notes, but in the past year or so I’ve been making tons of lists and notations and notes regarding video game materials, fighting techniques, to-dos, shopping items, and so much more.

I blame my girlfriend.



Habitica has not only made keeping track of what I do fun: it’s actually really intuitive and attractive, both in app-form and on desktop.


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