September 2nd Update: A Proper Program!

It’s Friday today, and despite that fact, I implemented my new training program today instead of waiting for Monday. It’s a Jam tradition — if I’ve got a plan to do something I actually care about, I do it as soon as possible rather than waiting for a convenient moment. It allows me to cut down on excuses.

My “new training program” is really the old one just amped up quite a bit. Today was a bit of a test day, to see how I’d lie in timing and all that. Instead of finishing my run at 6:30, for example, I finished around 6:45 because of the time it took to get ready and get to my starting position. Instead of starting yoga right after that, I had to walk my dog first (which I completely forgot about, and took about half an hour) so all in all I ended my yoga session at 8 instead of 7.

Due to extraneous circumstances, we had no coffee in the house, so I had to head out to get some. That shaved off more time off work. I finally finished work — but not before being interrupted to go run errands with my mom, which is also a more rare occasion.

I finally got to my 11a.m. training at 1p.m., which is how life works. Then, thanks to me picking up vegan pizza on the way home, I finally got back from my last session at the gym at 8, rather than the usual 7p.m.

That aside had the little things that happened exclusively today not happened, the schedule would’ve been perfect. It’s still practically perfect because it’s about 9:30p.m. and by virtue of being Friday, I don’t have to worry about waking up at 6 sharp tomorrow (although I will still continue to do yoga in the mornings after walking my dog).

So, how did I change my program?

As my dad eloquently put it, working out once in the afternoon thrice a week and doing some jiu-jitsu wasn’t in any shape or form committing to my sport. So he told me to take it to the next level, for the umpteenth time. I listened, fought back against the internal urge to complain (it annoys the hell out of me too, and drives me crazy), and decided to start getting more serious.

Waking up is simple — all it takes is 8 hours of sleep. 7 if I really, really have to get some more work done. Then, I start the day — turn off the lights, open the doors, change into something modest and slap on my running shoes. About 25-30 minutes later (4.5 kilometers today), I head home, grab the leash, and go for a walk.

Step two is yoga. 30 minutes is the bare minimum. Right now, I’m experimenting with two separate routines which I’ll alternate: a yoga for weightlifting program with a heavy focus on hips and shoulders, and a yoga for BJJ practitioners program, which focuses on these stiff legs and that rounded upper body in need of drastic twisting. After yoga, I take a shower and get to work.

My next workout starts before lunch, at a flexible time. It takes about half an hour to 45 minutes and is done as quickly as possible, with a specific focus on building endurance. One upper body strength training exercise (pull-ups or pushups), one cardio exercise (jumping jacks or rope jumping), and one lower body exercise (burpees or sit-throughs). Repeat ad finitum (with the thing finished being me), and then get to planking, wall standing (isometric core and shoulder exercises), and finally, another ten minutes of shadow boxing and an equivalent amount of time spent slowly (slowly [slowly]) perfecting that side kick.

In the afternoon, I do jiu-jitsu (I leave the house at about 3:45/4 and get back by 7) or weight-lifting (from 5 to 7). My numbers are nothing impressive at the moment: 152 lbs on the squat, 182 lbs on the deadlift, and a feeble 112 lbs on the bench press — but I haven’t plateaued yet, which is exciting.

My post-workout ritual involves a tall liter glass of ice-cold water with half a squeezed lemon, and a gigantic meal.

Going Forward

I can probably make some more changes to make things a little more efficient, especially in the mornings. In the grand scheme of things, however, my new program should work out just fine (heh). As always, it’s not an easy thing to commit to — for one, every single workout is fucking grueling. I hate running. Right after that, I have this ridiculous HIIT session at high noon (yes, insane, I know). And then in the afternoon, I’ll either run my tank out sparring people or nailing those squats.

Even with all that considered, it’s what’s in-between that becomes that much more important. Not a second can be wasted as I have to finish articles, meet deadlines, and somehow find the time to eat, do the dishes, walk my dog twice and pick up my violin. I’m not discouraged, though — the harder something interesting sounds, the more I feel the need to tackle it. And I’m gonna tackle the fuck out of my life.

Currently listening to: This Is Gonna Hurt — Sixx:A.M.

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