August 26th Update: It’s Friday!

Fridays are always great. Considering that I do jiu-jitsu on Sundays, I don’t get the typical two-day rest that people are used to — which makes Saturday the one day in the week where I can give myself a rest from the motivation, effort and sweat.

That being said, today’s workout was rather lackluster. I skipped squats — the bread and butter of today’s session, really — because of the fact that my right knee is still fucky after a particularly rough takedown yesterday.

No tearing or anything horrible, but it might be a minuscule sprain. Basically, I feel my knee. All the time. And it’s not comfortable. That for me is enough indication that I shouldn’t hit the squat rack. I did a long warm-up on the stationary bike and then spent another ten minutes warming up my shoulders and shadow boxing. I got through my sets (bench, overhead and pull ups) and rigorously stretched my knee.

Mentally, skipping out on the squats left me pretty unsatisfied. But I wouldn’t have had time anyway — I had an extremely long morning with quite a pile of work and an errand to run, and had to skip both my morning workout and violin practice as a result. I finally got to the gym about 17:30/17:45. Yeah, not a great day all things considered.

The good news.

The good news is that my knee hasn’t gotten worse. I’ll slap some ointment on that bad boy, let it rest over the weekend, and if it still feels weird on Sunday then I’ll have to think twice about rolling with the guys. I’ll still join the class, however, if only to brush up on my drills and get a nice little workout in before Monday starts.

Ugh, Monday. Let’s not think about that right now.

So yeah; not a terribly long update this time around. I’ll try and get in more articles non-related to my daily updates next week. This week was really sparse on the nutrition/fitness content because, frankly, I’ve been picking up more work in the mornings and at the moment that has to take priority.

Technically I’d be progressing in my squats if I did a simple 4×4 today — having managed to eek out a 4×8 earlier this week despite feeling really down — but I’m no cheater, so I’ll have to repeat the same weight next week and knock out another 4×8 before advancing onwards beyond 150 pounds.

The ultimate goal, albeit lofty, is to squat twice my weight and deadlift about 2.5 my weight. Mind you, I’m not a powerlifter — so it’s perfectly fine by me if I end up taking years to get to that point. What matters right now is joint safety, and recovery — gaining strength at all costs is just plain stupid. Remember, “no pain no gain” isn’t something to live by.

Alright then; I’m out for the night! Until next time!

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