August 22nd Update: Not a great day.

It’s Monday! And while I’d typically be pumped for the start of a new week, this week’s Monday has left me with a slight case of the blues. There are personal issues involved — lots of worrying, lots of stress — but really, I just didn’t feel too good. Today’s first meal was absolutely delicious, however — a soy and strawberry smoothie with oats. It was simple, and the fulfilling feeling of the oats combined with the strawberries’ tart flavor and slight sweetness, alongside the fact that they were frozen — giving the whole thing a slightly soupy ice cream-like texture — meant it was pretty much an awesome way to start the day.

I got my work done, had lunch, and went about the day normally. However, there were some setbacks. For one, I had planned to start playing the violin again today, but that didn’t quite work out because I had to run errands, which cut into my schedule a little bit. No worries, though, as I had plenty of time for work and my eventual training.

Which is when things got iffy.

Today’s training was less than spectacular. Originally, I had planned to start my week with a 122 lbs 4×4 bench press, going off my pre-flu achievement of 12 reps on 102 lbs. However, that strength probably didn’t carry over into this week, because I had to pull the weight back down to 112 lbs 4×4 after barely managing a single rep of 122. No matter, I thought. I’ll keep trucking along.

I felt a little clammy, with uncomfortable joints. I had trouble with my warm-up, feeling tired halfway through the 10-minute stationary bike ride. My playlist, which is mostly composed of rap, seemed to go in through my ears and just sort of bounce off my brain. I wasn’t feeling it today. Despite that, I hit my 4×8 goal in squats thanks to Marshall Mathers, and then I cranked out my overhead presses and chin ups and collapsed in a heap for stretching.

Typically, a ten-minute warm-up and four-exercise workout would leave me pumped, even on a squat day. But today, well. Today wasn’t great in that aspect.

Dinner saved me, for sure. A massive salad plate with romaine lettuce, avocados, tomatoes, onions, chili peppers, bell peppers and a delicious vinegar dressing, with a baguette’s worth of bread to help fight the chili. Pair that with a glass of water and a jug of water and lemon juice, and I feel as good as ever.

Days like these are bound to happen. 

That’s an important lesson, and it’s today’s lesson. We all have great days and bad days, and today was a bad day. That’s fine, though — the point is to push through with your all, head to bed with no regrets, and wake up the next day refreshed and ready to give your schedule another go with more gusto.

Onwards, to chase the moon and await the sun. Tuesday will be better.

Currently listening to: Nachos & Champagne — Wun Two

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