August 19th Update: Last day of the week!

And it’s Friday once more! While this is technically week three, I’ll count it as week two seeing how my second week was taken up by the flu. That being said, however, I really didn’t expect to get much done this week. Typically when you recover from a sickness, you won’t have too much power or gas going into the next week. But BJJ has had me motivated. I’ve been breathing BJJ. Drinking BJJ. Eating BJJ. Or rather, watching BJJ videos and listening to podcasts while I eat, breathe, and drink.

That aside, let’s go over how this week has gone despite the flu from last week.

What went (incredibly) right this week.

BJJ! Brazilian jiu-jitsu was this week’s highlight for sure, and while I’m sure this honeymoon phase will eventually wear off, I’m in full fever at the moment. I hope the enthusiasm lasts! That aside — and the training aside — I also had a pretty good week in the world of weightlifting. I was expecting to probably take a few pounds off my current weights to help accommodate what strength I might’ve lost during the flu, but I decided to go “fuck that” and train with the same numbers as the week before. It went well — my bench press is gonna shoot up 20 pounds, and I’m progressing another 10 pounds on the barbell row, while sticking to the same numbers for the rest of my exercises (failed in the last set of 4×8 for my squats, and couldn’t keep my grip going during my 4×8 deadlifts).

I felt so good today that after my hard session (3×4 and 1×5 deadlifts at 172 lbs among other things), I actually went into a wall handstand and held on for a minute and 20 seconds. Pretty happy about that.

What went wrong this week.

That being said, this week has come with its own share of little pains. For one, my right toe is suffering from turf toe. For those that don’t know what turf toe is, it’s basically when you overstretch the ligaments on your big toe. It’s not a big deal, and basically a given in any foot-related sport, from basketball to football (the European kind), ballet and even jiu-jitsu. The culprit was a failed shoulder toss, thanks to pretty terrible footwork. I really have to work on that takedown.

Other than that, I also cut out all calisthenics for this week. I just couldn’t put my body through three sessions of lifting, three sessions of jiu-jitsu, and then expect to do five sessions of calisthenics in the morning while my legs and back were tight and sore.

Fighting the Chair

Then, there was a bit of a bittersweet development this week in the way of sitting. For those that don’t know, I have incredibly inflexible hips. I’m fine when it comes to stretching them in the sagittal plane (moving forward and backward), but when it comes to things like splits, butterflies and frog posture, well, I’m really really bad. Even sitting in a crosslegged position with a straight back for a prolonged period of time kills me.

To combat that, I’ve started spending at least half of my sitting with one or both legs up on my chair, crosslegged. My legs get stiff as fuck, but it’s to keep my constant sitting from messing with my hips even further. Every single stretching session focuses on this weakness, and that’s been the case for pretty much the past three years. Progress has been slow, and I’ve been prone to losing a lot of progress in training breaks, so if I want to beat this issue I’ll have to really, really stay consistent with my stretching. Now that I’m doing grappling, this is pretty much essential. I want to be flexible enough to do things like rubber guards and a comfortable lotus position, as well as the full split, so I’ve got some ways to go. I’ll eventually want to forego the chair and transition to sitting on the couch with my laptop (our “couch” is a homemade contraption of planks and flat mattresses).

So that’s it for the week! I’ll start keeping a jiu-jitsu journal soon, and next week I’ll talk about my Sunday session, provided my toe feels fine by then.

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