August 5th Update: First Interview, and New Weightlifting Program

This’ll be the last update for the first week, and after this, I’m gonna take a nice long two days break. I’m just starting out so taking the weekend off is basically going to be essential for my recovery. I’ve even ordered myself a massage for Sunday, something I haven’t done in what feels like a million years.

A new potential topic.

Recovery is extremely important, and it’ll probably be the topic for my training post next week. You’ll hear the word “overtraining” thrown around a lot when you hear that people train for several hours every weekday, but there really is no such thing as overtraining — what it really is, is under-recovering. It sounds like semantics, but there’s a good little bit of simple math involved that can help you figure out if your killer routine is really too much, or if you can squeeze in a bit more considering what you’re doing for recovery.

The new program update.

That aside, however, today was pretty great. I got started on the new weightlifting program, which involves two separate week formats to switch between, with two alternating training days composed of four exercises — so workout A twice in the first week, once in the second week, and workout B once in the first week, and twice in the second week. It was developed by Ivysaur on Reddit’s r/fitness subreddit, as a critique and alternative of the widely used StrongLifts program, which involves four exercises thrice a week, five sets of five reps.

This modified program includes three kinds of set and rep ranges — four sets of four, four sets of eight (with 90% of your four-rep weight), and on Fridays, two workouts in the routine replace the last of their 4×4 sets with an as-many-reps-as-possible set, to test your progress and force failure.

I was fairly conveniently surprised today when I managed 12 repetitions on my fourth set of bench pressing, this time at 102 lbs. Apparently, I had a bad set earlier this week, or I had the biggest burst and growth in strength I’ve ever had.

First interview.

As we speak (or, well, as I speak), I’m uploading an interview with the co-owner of the gym I go to, Rox Gym. Her name is Jackie, and she’s been dedicated to fitness and bodybuilding for over two decades. She started at an age that most might consider fairly late, but still rose to the top in local competitions on three separate occasions in her 30s and 40s. Her dedication to strength and fitness is inspiring, and I thought I’d share it with others and maybe shake some rust off the old YouTube channel since I plan to be using it a lot more as the blog grows and goes on. The video is uploading, but it’ll probably be ready tomorrow.

Interviews will be a big part of this channel, together with sparring sessions, workouts/exercises, and perhaps someday even recipes. It’s all very casual stuff, so forgive the shaky cam and bad audio!

Planning for next week.

With the first week practically over, I feel amazing. The blog’s coming along well, my social media presence isn’t doing bad, and most importantly, I feel fine. No irregularities or severe stiffness. I’m looking forward to the next week, and the week after that.

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