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cropped-received_10210033663338946.jpegMy name is Jamal Pollok, and my business is content writing. I do professional copywriting, and I can help you understand more about content and why exactly your business needs so much of it — and more importantly, exactly what kind of content you need.

On a personal note, I love martial arts; but circumstances have dropped me off in a corner of the planet where my options for training as a combat athlete are rather limited. I kinda accepted that for a while — until it hit me that, to get the opportunities I’m looking for, I have to earn them and carve them out of my circumstances.

This blog is a hybrid project to showcase my professional skills and offer my writing services and share my own training story. I chronicle how I workout, what I eat, what I’ve learned, and how my persistent research helps me better myself physically and seek new ways to train smarter and help others do the same.

What’s this website for?

It’s an outlet, for both my professional and personal life. If you’re interested in guest blog posts or are looking to partner up with a freelancer who knows a thing or two about content, then don’t hesitate to contact me, and let’s get to work! Otherwise, just stick around, drop a line if you want to chat, or if you’re looking for someone to train with in Cebu (Philippines), I’d be open to train and get stronger together!

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Skills and Services

I do work, of course. My primary focus from a professional point-of-view is content. All sorts of content. Whether you’re looking for a professional copy to use to promote your business in an indirect way, or a guest blog filled with interesting factoids, images, and witty catchphrases. I use my words to inform first and entertain second. I understand that the primary purpose of content writing is to establish you and your company as trusted experts within your own field — as such, I do my research and meticulously put together simple, down-to-earth, and sharp articles meant to educate and attract clients. But my ability isn’t just there for businesses and entrepreneurs to get what they want — I offer a myriad of wordsmithing applications.

Article Writing

Article Writing Every article is highly researched and delivered on-time within a given deadline. Each article writing piece is proofread, checked for Copyscape matches (and guaranteed for 0%), and with the most recent SEO practices in mind. Only reputable trackbacks are utilized. 100% Copyscape-proof originality. This means your article will not be flagged for plagiarism in any way and will be made of entirely original […]

Blog Entry Writing

Blog Entry Writing Blog posts are meant to inform and incite interest, and that’s what this service gets you. Based on a given broad or specific topic relevant to your business, this blog entry writing service will create a highly-researched and entertaining blog post, linked with valuable quality trackbacks and perfect English. Completely original, no article spin/plagiarism. Through Copyspace, all blog posts are checked to […]

Press Release Writing

Press Release Writing Press releases put your business on the map for local media outlets, and can boost your ranking on search engines, all through the succinct and direct reporting of an upcoming or ongoing special event, promotion, occasion or announcement. This press release writing service keeps any event or occasion at roughly/under 500 words and includes a section dedicated to company information for press purposes. […]

Website Content Writing

Website Content Writing Website content is meant to be approachable, visually-pleasing and representative of your business. This website content writing service offers you a per-word pricing for your website’s content, from landing pages to product descriptions, with consistent formatting, SEO-focused writing, and an eye for how writing is represented on your page, from the location of links to the prominence of keywords and headers to […]

Latest Posts

Training Without a Gym – The Legs

Training Without a Gym – The Legs

When it comes to training the legs, there’s an almost infamous air of hesitation. Leg day, as it’s called, is hard. Notoriously hard. Squats are the best way to train your legs, and if you’re doing the right — with flat soles, heels digging into the ground, and a whole bunch of weight on your shoulders — they can easily force your entire body to […]

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Training Without a Gym – The Core

Training Without a Gym – The Core

If rows and push-ups aren’t enough to satisfy your need for an iron core, or if your name is Mr. Lee or Mr. Balboa and you want a torso made of rough iron rather than mushy muscle, then you need to make sure the core is a heavy focus in your training program. In general movement, the core is indeed incredibly important. Aside from being […]

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Training Without a Gym – The Upper Body

Training Without a Gym – The Upper Body

The upper body can further be broken down into pulling and pushing movements. Pulling recruits the biceps in your arm, and your back musculature (in a very broad sense). Pushing recruits your triceps, and your chest/shoulders. The rest of your body stabilizes your movement, keeping you balanced and giving you the base and center of gravity necessary to push/pull from. Note: Here’s the spreadsheet version, […]

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People have had nice things to say about my writing. Here are some of these things.



“Jam is the best! This is my second press release from him and it’s just great! Probably my favorite writer on Fiverr right now.”


“He totally took the information provided and said exactly what I wanted to say! I highly recommend this gig! 5 stars from me! U Rock Jam. Thanks!”


“From 3 disappointing article gig sellers, I’ve scoured Fiverr to find the 4th seller to do exactly what I have in mind to help me tell the story in my article, and finally I found this awesome seller who can do the job professionally as I instructed. Thank God my search is over.”


“Wow, I’m really impressed! I am very strict when it comes to writing (a borderline grammar nazi, if you will), and jmepik’s writing style is not only clean, engaging, and entertaining, but grammatically correct, to boot!”



Jamal is a very talented marketing writer that we have been utilizing in our own campaigns as well as have been confident to refer to our valuable clientele. He is professional, highly reliable and detail-oriented. You can count on him to deliver a high-quality product on time, every time!